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  • Sandpaper
  • The finest Swiss made sandpaper available
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  • Description:
    Coated (or backed) abrasives consist of three components: the backing, the binder, and the abrasive grain. The backing consists of a combination of paper cloth and vulcanized fiber. The binding is a synthetic resin in both the base and size coats, with a layer of grain in between. The two layers of abrasive coats are applied to prevent clogging and glazing of the cutting edges.
  • Operation/Application:
    Hand sanding on a variety of substrates. An unbeatable combination of flexibility and high removal makes this yellow series in semi-friable aluminum oxide your guarantee for perfect stylish surface finishes on wood, lacquer and paint.
  • 1727 Siawatt Wet/Dry (Black)
  • Operation/Application:
    Hand sanding on filler, primer, lacquer and glass. Product can be used wet or dry.
  • 1748 Siarexx (Grey)
  • Operation/Application:
    Hand sanding on stain and sealer. This quick cutting silicon carbide series is perfect for obtaining very smooth surfaces during intermediate lacquer-sanding operations. Extremely flexible for effortless folding and rolling. For dry use only.